Religious experience in contemporary Taiwan and China

  • Religious experience in contemporary Taiwan and China
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作者 Yen-zenTsai(蔡彥仁)主編
出 版 社 政大出版社
出版年份 2013
叢書系列 宗教
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“Religious Experience in Contemporary Taiwan and China helps social scientists and all religion scholars to rediscover the importance of religious experiences for multiple world religions. Combining a diverse array of survey items with thousands of candid narratives conducted in Taiwan, the authors provide a depth and breadth that can’t be matched by previous work. The nationally representative surveys for Taiwan and China offer a broad overview of how religion is experienced in the culture, how these experiences vary for each of the many religious (and even non-religious) groups, and how they vary between China and Taiwan.”From the Preface by Roger Finke<政大出版社>

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