A Moment of Joy: Essays on Art, Writing and Life

  • A Moment of Joy: Essays on Art, Writing and Life
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I S B N 9789863262756
作者 林孜郁(Allison Tzu Yu Lin)
出 版 社 秀威資訊
出版年份 2014
叢書系列 文學研究
裝禎方式 折口膠裝
頁數 176
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This book is for readers who are interested in literature, visual arts and writings about life. Most of the time, life itself, including personal ones and collective ones (such as nation, natural environment and so forth), gives incredible inspirations to the one who is writing. And yet, through more reading and more thinking, the writing self can imagine someone else’s way of living, as if he or she is living through it. This collection of essays brings literature and visual arts together, as their aesthetics come to complete each other.<秀威資訊>

Dr Tzu Yu Allison Lin received her PhD in English and Comparative Literature from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her research interests include visual and verbal representations, literary theory and criticism, writers and cities. Dr Lin has publications such as articles and books in English and in Chinese, including Virginia Woolf and the European Avant-Garde (2009) and Mystic Virginia Woolf (2012). She is an assistant professor in Faculty of Education, Gaziantep University, Turkey.
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