Literary History of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples (Volume I)

  • Literary History of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples (Volume I)
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作者 Pasuya Poiconü(Chungchen Pu)
出 版 社 里仁書局
出版年份 2012
叢書系列 俗文學
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This is the first Taiwanese indigenous literary history. The author believes the oral delivery of myths and legends represents the values and spirits of indigenous peoples. He collects and introduces indigenous legends and stories classified by themes and plots. He also reviews works of modern authors who inherit traditional cultures and spirits since 1895.This book is the first work that collects, analyzes, and reviews indigenous literature systematically. It tells the process of indigenous literary production.Though it is written in Chinese, it thoroughly represents the spirits and thoughts of indigenous peoples of Taiwan.<里仁書局>

Pasuya Poiconu is from Ali Mountain Tsou tribe. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Chinese Literature, Chinese Culture University. He served as a professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Taipei Municipal University of Education, He was Deputy Minister of Council of Indigenous Peoples, and Director of National Museum of Prehistory. Currently, he is a Minister without Portfolio in the Examination Yuan. His works include The Expression of Narrative Oral Literature, The Cultures and Legends of the Tsou Tribe, The Fire of Kuba: Mythological Study on Taiwan Tsou Tribe, and The Forgotten Sacred Area.
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